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Krugman's Delusion

von Thomas Trautzsch

Thomas Trautzsch
Thomas Trautzsch
The last 2 publications of Krugman in the NYT are testimony of a great deal of delusion on his side. His poor argument that for the ostensible recent economic successes of the United States it did not matter, who is sitting in the White House does put him on the list of those Wall Street Cook economists, who honestly believe that the United States is currently experiencing a state of economic stability. This delusion comes in a twofold way.

1.) There is no economic success in the United States. What is Paul Krugmansold for an economic upturn in the US is an utter delusion, which is put out in a media frenzy, of which Krugman is a part. The not so much published ample evidence of this is the fact that Wall Street is desperately trying to force through legislation, that allows them to be bailed out again, once their gigantic derivatives bubble is about to burst. Krugman is a despicable truth denying piece of this propaganda machine, which is stuck up deep in those bodily holes of Wall Street Fat cats where the sun never shines, ideologically and god knows how else. The massively assembled foul debt, which is lingering in the United States, especially the Wall Street Banks, is going to blow out soon and the criminal Banksters are going to force the Nation again, to bail them out at the cost of the dead bodies of the "normal" population. The Derivaatives BubbleAnd parts of the population are swallowing this, because of the type of delusional reporting on economic issues as with Krugman. Krugman also honestly associated the policies of the "Independent" Federal Reserve with, what he describes as the recent economic upswing in the United States. Yes, you read it right. The very FED, which prints I don't know how many Million Dollars per month to keep this criminal financial London and Wall Street serving prostitutional Financial System going. Real Economic Problems are pushed to the Background and solutions are denied by massive Bankster Lobbying, all at the cost of the population, which now believes in an publically propagated economic upswing, which is nothing but hot air, while the real issues, like the denial of Glass-Steagall measures, are shoved away further and further into the future. London and Wall Street are clearly in War Preparation Mode and Krugman keeps blabbering about economic recovery? He may be forgiven. He is an american academic after all.

2.) His statement that the Presidency and its political decisions are irrelevant for economic developments is a slap in the face of those very policies of political economy, which made the United States big and are the basis of its Pride. Did it not matter for the US rising as a strong Nation out of the Post-Revolution Era, that Washington was in the Presidency? Did it not matter that the US came out strong from the Civil War, because of Abraham Lincolns Industrialization Policies? Did it not matter that Franklin Roosevelt applied the Hamiltonian Principles of the US-Constitution to take the United States out of the Depression Era, which only came into existence because of the very same criminal Speculation-defending financial policies, which Krugman defends or does not even have the slightes notion of today? Did it not matter that John F. Kennedy revived the american Spirit after having taken over from a depleted war economy, which nearly turned the US into a Police State, the ideological remnants of which still bother the constitutional freedoms of the United States Citizen's today? Was it not Kennedy, who created physical-economic programs from political action, which had straight economic effects of which the US is still feeding today? What Krugman denies, or does not see is the physical Fact, that Economics is not merely some business, that happens guided by instincts or an invisible hand. It is the human expression to create the future. It is the physical means of human reproduction.

Krugman is and remains a quack and we shall remind him of his talk about economic recovery, when the bubble will have burst.

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