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The Farce of American Presidential Elections

von Thomas Trautzsch

Do you know what Collapse means?
Do you know what Collapse means?
As a young guy, when still living in what used to be East Germany, I used to look up to the United States of America as a nation really standing for the freedoms of all people. I already described numerous times how much I admired this nation and her achievements. If I look at the United States now, I just see a morally and culturally degraded imperial structure, which is doomed to self-destruction, just like the roman empire with all ist provinces, which fell victim to the same type of disease. A disease, which could best be named as self-perceived superiority while in constant clinic denial of the reality that its own basis is deteriorating under her own feet. Considering the greatness this nation once had, when it was still valueing the content of its own constitution, this decline of a whole nation in itself is a tragedy. A real Tragedy in the truest sense of the word.

Recently, an american colleague of mine was asking me about the upcoming american elections at the lunch table. Upon his indirect request about whom I would favor in this 2016 election I told him that, unfortunately, the american people allow themselves only to be presented with the choice between pestilence and cholera. By that time, Jeb Bush already dropped out of the race (Thank God!) and it was also clear that Bernie Sanders would run dry pretty soon. So it was already quite clear that the whole show would condense down to a race of shame between Hillary and the Donald. Pestilence and Cholera. I also told my colleague, that if I had no choice I would go for Trump instead of Hillary, because at the time he seemed to have an easing of american relations with Russia on his agenda, but as it seems today, this may as well just have been well timed campaign rethoric, which changes quickly in the face of direct confrontation with the Clinton Benghazi Witch.

As it seems to me now, it does not make any sense at all, why the american people should accept this foolish display of political prostitution and faked democracy, which is governed merely by who is having the most money at her/his disposal and who manages to prositute him or herself best to which interests (even his own), which almost never seem to be the interests of the common people of the american nation. But they obviously do. The democracy in the United States can't be seriously called that anymore, because the electorate seems to consist in majority of a bunch of sheep who have become accostumed to the state of pestilence and cholera, not being able anymore to distinguish between what is good and what is bad, because they have only learned to know the bad and forgot about the good. So indeed it is the case that, whomever Americans will elect this year, they will lose. The Americans have become a morally, culturally as well as economically declining nation of losers which today can operate nothing else than a gun and they have become this by deception, as well as increasing self-deception.

This dire and generally deteriorating situation must lead historically aware people with a bit of morality left to think and feel very sadly about this and it should leave them in a state of constantly questioning of themselves about how this can be changed. How do you change a cultural, socio-economic and geo-political paradigm? Do you change it by saying the truth and directly blaming people of being stupid and ignorant? Do you really change it by effort of making anybody else known, that you know best what to do, even though you have proven in the past to be mostly wrong about matters and acting from the standpoint of your own half knowledge? Do you change it by taking a stand on irrelevant matters like the question on how to put mathematics in ist proper context, expecially, when you yourself never enjoyed a proper education in this field? No, that does not work. Eliminating your own half knowledge and achieving convictions, which do not stand in contrast to Natural Law are first in line if one wants to be successful in changing the future for the improvement of mankind. And for that purpose a little bit of realistic self-reflection does not do any harm. Only the recognition of your own incomplete knowledge allows you to recognize it and to draw the right conclusions from it.

In Reference to LaRouchePACs Science Series on Leibniz

The change in social paradigm for the purpose of real improvement of conditions itself can't be immediate and quick. Unfortunately, one has to accept that. In this kind of deteriorated situation in which the downward spiral of the social frabric is in full swing one can provide a vision of change for the better and lay out a pathway which future leading people can take as an orientation (like the New Silk Road Project), once everything else starts to fail, or one throws his or her own body in and trying to plug the sucking source, which causes the spiral, which usually ends up with the person doing so sacrificing him/herself in doing so, if this person is not limiting him/herself to verbal action. Gathering, concentrating and not spreading and diversifying the existing forces, who are willing to counter these developments should be practiced primarily and not the opposite. It is an unfortunate reality that the majority of people only recognizes paradigmatic errors once these errors already show their full effect on their own lifes. Error is a human quality but learning from it also is. Completely eliminating the human quality of error, which mostly links to the animal part in our existence, is a mistake that was prominently done under communism already, which we all know was failure from recent past history. The more it is required that scientific rigor be applied in the process of laying out the path for the future, which should incorporate the potential of human failure and not exclude it. Refraining from doing so will ultimately lead to lack of credibility. Credibility is particularly important, especially when dealing with people who are not experts in the necessary fields and who rest their believes on your teachings and actions not because of knowledge, but because of hope.

Yet, even in the face of massive human intolerance and failure to understand, one should not get tired of trying to teach the truth. But is it really possible to teach the truth, when denying certain documented facts and realities or adjusting those to your own political agenda? In that case one is not teaching the truth any longer, but rather a conviction of his own and that should be made known right from the beginning.

Teaching can happen either from the standpoint of the seemingly knowing to the seemingly unknowing, both parties perceiving this situation of a merely static passing on of "knowledge", which reveals little about the underlying universal principles. In this scenario the teaching party is kind of dictating the terms of learning and what the result of the learning process should be. But is this the right way?

The other way of learning is the socratic one, where both, the teaching and taught person are taking an equal footing of not knowing or partially knowing about a subject or principle and agree on getting closer to the truth by discussing and questioning existing contradictions, well knowing that the truth in its completeness will never be entirely achieved, but also that the process of attempting to do so is one of humanities ultimate qualities ensuring its enduring progress.

For instance, to praise Leibniz for his achievements in the science of physical economy and physics on one side and denying his attachement to what he himself called mathematics on the other does not contribute to the credibility of someone who is trying to change the world for the better by teaching the truth. This matter becomes relevant not because of the question of the context of mathematics to the real universe itself, which is subordinate to other principles, but rather because it represents a certain denial of documented facts, which due to their contradiction to the own theory are somewhat inconvenient and appearantly consciously neglected in the own discourse.

Of course one can make fun of Rene Descartes and other figures who were instrumentalized by an oligarchy for the purpose of cultural and scientific warfare, but the higher art of science is not to engage in extensive bashing of these kind of people, but rather to be able to turn their misguided theories into something useful and productive. Leibniz, like Plato, was mastering this Art like nobody else. Merely, engaging in extensive type of bashing has never in history produced anything useful other than discrediting the own position, ultimately reducing the effectiveness in achieving the own desired goals. It hasn't even got something to do with being polemic. A good polemic never attacks people by their name directly, but rather indirectly by their failure to understand and apply basic universal principles.

The American Tragedy

As already expressed, the presidential elections in the United States are a prominent expression of the tragedy, which the United States of America is going through. The deterioration of moral universal principles has never been so obvious and severe and the main part of the tragedy is that people seem to accept these conditions.

Under these circumstances, it is an honorable thing, if an organization attempts to engage in teaching the underlying scientific principles originating from the interplay of the principle of classical culture and creative discovery, which are not so different at all. That good intention of the Larouche Science people of the basement should be honored. However, these well-meant attempts will remain ineffective, if there is the slightest impression that it represents a lecturing from the standpoint of half-knowledge, because the critical mass of people capable of inducing relevant changes is able to determine these short-comings and morevoer hates the feeling of being manipulated instead of being convinced. Therefore, discussion is important, but this discussion is not being held transparent enough. It may be reflected in tiny little beginnings of some basement people to involve the public more into their scientific discussions other than just answering a selection of questions, which suit their own choreography. But they appear to become overwhelmed by the massive amount of ignorance, which they are confronted with at the beginning and which they will only be able to overcome, if they accept that they will have to be adept in numbers in order to be perceived trustworthy in understanding and actually applying principle.

America is in shambles and in dire condition culturally and economically. Her ongoing collapse sparks the economic warfare and military aggression toward Russia and China under the guise of being a Messenger of Democracy. A democracy, of which we get a taste by looking at the Bushe's and Obama's war crimes against humanity and the bowing down of corrupt European Leaders in accepting these. A democracy, of which we get a taste by watching these money-corrupted US-american presidential elections between pestilence and cholera.

America's only chance of survival as a true Nation is the Cooperation with Russia and China for the purpose of mutually developing the Eurasian Continent and in subsequence also the transatlantic regions toward the improvement of the conditions of the whole of mankind. The era of Geo-Strategy a la Brzesinski & Co. has to be overcome and replaced by a doctrine of intercontinental cooperation not only at the level of globally acting corporations, but rather at the level of Nations and their Institutions in the form of Infrastructure and Cultural Projects, which help connecting the people and improve their conditions. As long as the United States of America are still trying to strong-arm other Nations to subdue them in order to make them subordinates to their interests, there will be no peace and development.

As it has been stated multiple times, the cultural and moral depravity of the majority of the United States Citizenry makes this type of development rather unlikely in the near term. The moral progressive forces in the United States, who are willing to reign in the gods of financial power for the purpose of creating capacity for real economic growth are in stark minority. There may be personalities spread here and there in a future administration around whatever presidential institutions, who more or less are in favor of real development, but if the system in its entirety is not changed to reflect such a new paradigm, their actions will have the effect of a drop in the bucket. Therefore, the presently ongoing presidential election will represent no solutions whatsoever to this ongoing process of transatlantic collapse, because pestilence is running against Cholera and Congress is in an unimaginable mess and morally unfit for survival.

So wake up Americans and stop tolerating the hipocrisy and tragedy going on in your establishment and government institutions and make your freedom with Russia and China for allowing the cooperation and progress all mankind needs!

Thomas Trautzsch
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