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What is it worth - The american Independence Day?

von Thomas Trautzsch

Thoughts on american Independence Day
Thoughts on american Independence Day
An article by Thomas Trautzsch - collected thoughts on the american independence day

I have a colleague at the place where I work. He appears to be a proud american. A proud citizen of his Land of the Free. Like so many, who go out this particular day at the 4th of July, organizing barbeques and celebrate their national holiday. I also used to participate many times in the celebration of this day, whilst I was invited by american friends to join in the past.

Yet over time I grew more and more sceptical about the meaning of this day in today's times. This is because the very nature of the United States has turned from being a free Republic into being an hegemonial Empire over a stretch of time, that reaches farther back than I originally had anticipated. This development of my perception of the United States, originally started to take a subtle turn, from being one of praise and admiration to deep scepticism, when George W. Bush declared war on Iraq and it went even deeper when Barack Obama made matters even worse.

Back in the times, when I was a young kid living in Eastern Germany during the Cold War in the 80ies, I was looking with envy at everything that came from the United States and I thought that some day I will go there and visit all these places, which I saw on television and only could dream of at the time. The Statue of Liberty in New York, the Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC, the Great Rockies along the West Coast, the Route 66 down from Chicago to L.A., the cable cars in San Francisco, ... all these great sites, which I read about in Books and Newspapers or sang along in song texts. I was sure some day I would go there and see for myself.

The day came closer, when I was near finishing my studies of electrical engineering at the University in 1994, when I received the message, that my application for participating in an exchange program between my University and a College in upstate New York was accepted. I exactly remember that day in Kingston upon Hull, where I spent the last year of my study, when I held this letter in my hand, which opened a whole new World for me, full of excitement and expectation. For the 1st time I would cross the ocean and see the Land of the Free for myself. I felt unlimited joy at the time, having achieved this entirely out of my own will and pocket.

This was a time, roughly 5 years after the Wall in Berlin came down and the whole of Germany was just about starting to climb the mountain of overcoming the national divide, seeking an identity, that was neither entirely west-german nor east-german, but something united. The Euphoria about the Re-Unification of Germany and the great non-violent way, which it came about, was still very much alive and did not yet evolve into a matter of nostalgia, which was later accompanied by a bitter realization of how utterly and thoroughly Eastern Germany, my Homeland, was deliberately depopulated and de-industrialized. I just came to learn much later, that this was an effect of a geo-political strategy, in which the very United States, which I admired so much back then, played a pivotal role.

I enjoyed the time in that little College in Oneonta in Upstate New York and indeed I did not miss out on all the clichees of american student life. I enjoyed the people who became friends, many of whom were not american, the cultural events, the sports and the student bars. I also came in touch with the outright liberal friedman-ite economic teachings in the College, that were making sense to me back then, just having come out of the collapse of the Comecon myself, but not knowing anything about the political history and insights that I enjoy today. I wrote economic essays, which pleased the teachers, relating the collapse of my own country to the lack of free market capitalism and I got graded a lot of A's for them. I had no clue about the crimes of the "Treuhandanstalt" and the quasi and moral bankruptcy of the western financial system back then. At the time it was not difficult for me to throw over board all the history and principles, that were taught to me in my education in east germany, which I know now, was a thousand times better than anything you could get in the US, if you set aside the formerly existent ideologically impregnated classes, which most young people in eastern germany could easily do. Reflecting on those in comparison, to what and how things were taught to me in the US, I occasionally came to realize later, that they actually were not so much different in terms of the transport of ideology. They were just opposed ideologies. I only understood much later that liberalism as a wrong interpretation of freedom in itself was a dictat in the US economic teachings at the time, because the americans saw themselves as the victors of the cold war and deduced from this by pure logic, that their system must be the superior one. The sole thought of superiority is an ill-faited approach to a world system, in which subsequently according to this logic, another part of the world must be subordinated. Not only their teachings but also what I only became to realize as a world-wide hegemony much later were expressions of this attitude and thinking. It was also the time, when the then Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzak Rabin was murdered, just before he could implement his plans for peace with the palestinians. I still remember the flags on Half-Pole in order to honor him. Or it was also the time, when the american congress could not pass a household budget under Clinton and many public institutions including museums in Washington remained closed. Four years later in 1999 Clinton would make one of his biggest mistakes in his carrer. No, I don't mean Monica. I mean his signature under the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. Unfortunately, neither the Macro-Economic nor the Micro-Economic Classes at the College in Oneonta ever explained to me the Glass-Steagall-Principle, which was the Basis for buidling the strength of the american economy since 1933. I learned only years later about it by reading the publications of Mr. Lyndon LaRouche. Isn't that strange?

My days in this exchange trip were concluded by a drive down Route66 to San Francisco with 2 friends of mine from Spain and Germany. This was the nicest trip I have ever made and I really felt freedom at the time like I never felt again thereafter. But today I have to state, that this freedom, which I felt at the time had much of its origins in my own youth's folly, ignorance, carelessness and indifference. To celebrate such a feeling of freedom today will be a much harder thing to do.

Why am I saying this? Well, because over the years things changed. In 2000 I began working for an american company. So I revisited most of the places, which I had seen before, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. I liked the job, which basically brought me to the US and Taiwan on a regular Basis. Yet, over time it could be observed that things were deteriorating. It started subtly and steadily accelerated. In the industry I am working in Up- and Down-Turns are a known and frequent part of the business cycle, but this type of subtly perceivable deterioration was of a different quality. It was not only economically, but also culturally based. The United States changed with the Crime that had been committed in New York at the 11th of September 2001. After that, America was not the same anymore. It changed from being a friend to being a bully and I always wondered back then, how the american people could let this happen. Many american colleagues of mine, whom I met in Dresden, where I was based, had no understanding at all, why people of other nations grew increasingly hostile to them. Most of them were unable to imagine the effect of imperial hegemonial US Foreign Policy. They thought it was the right thing to do and that silent bullshit norm of political correctness often prevents fruitful discussions leaving this individuals mostly intellectually unchallenged and as I said before, still thinking that they are operating from a standpoint of moral superiority, which is what it is, … nothing else than an impression and not reality.

There are many questions about 9/11, the answers to most of which were deliberately covered up by George W. Bush in order to hide very embarrasing links to the Saudi Royal Family and Saudi Nobility, of which Mr. Osama Bin Laden was a Member. I always wondered, why the US declared war to Iraq shortly after having invaded Afghanistan, even though it was flawlessly documented, that the 9/11 terrorists were mostly citizens of Saudi Arabia. The very Saudi Arabia, which Mr. Bush so vividly protected from investigation by classifying whole 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report. What many suspected back then, and some people who articulated this suspicion loudly, like the british weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly, who clearly stated, that this weapons of mass destruction claim was highly "sexed up" by british intelligence, were killed, became an obvious fact. The reasons, which were presented to the public for justifying the War Declaration to Iraq, the alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction of Saddam Hussein, were a Lie. Yet Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair, these war criminals and liars, on whose accounts are millions of dead people, are still walking the earth as free men today. There is no doubt, that Saddam Hussein was a Dictator of the worst type, but should it not have been a matter of the Iraqi people themselves to change this by the same revolutionary measures, which eventually brought down the regime in Eastern Germany? I guess it was the fate of the Iraqi people to be invaded by the US, because icidentally, Iraq is rich in oil, and had a dictator, which the US secret service CIA installed itself some decades ago. How convenient.

Not only did the United States of America bring war and violence to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, who in majority had nothing to do whatsoever with the 9/11 attacks, but it also turned into a worst type of police state by giving unlimited powers to the secret services by means of the patriot act, which, as we know today thanks to a brave individual named Edward Snowden, exploited these powers in an unprecedented fashion and scope of spying on and killing of its own people, and other people in the whole world.

The patriot act was passed by congress, which obviously was still under the strong impression of shock and awe after 9/11 and gave the president of the United States unlimited powers of Unitary Executive. This raises the question of Qui bono with many intelligent people and inevitably pushes forward comparisons of 9/11 with the Reichstag-Fire in Berlin 1932, after which Hitler established himself in the same way by the instrument of the "Ermächtigungsgesetz". If you are a thinking person and not historically illiterate, as most Americans unfortunately are, you can do nothing else but drawing these parallels, but then you keep stuck at figuring out the underlying reason for all these enormous monstrosities. The desire of dominance of some Dictators over people? In a way, maybe, but not quite that straight forward. The dictators, which we see in the positions of leaders of oppressive regimes or presidents of bullying nations, are usually just puppets of a puppet-master-class regime of people, who operate their puppets by threat and fear or other more subtle means of manipulation. These type of leaders are usually hand-selected people, who have one or more exploitable psychological defects, which drive them into dependency, and who often either posess the intelligence and lack morality or who possess morality but lack intelligence, or who even possess none of these qualities. Mr. Bush is of the last quality and Mr. Obama of the first, the most dangerous one. However, the underlying reason always is the strive for maintenance of the un-natural Zeussian Principle of Oligarchy against the rise of the Promethean Principle of human Progress and Development. These 2 principles can not co-exist and the prevalence of one always means the death of the other. We live today under the rule of the oligarchical principle. No american College or Universty was ever teaching me this. Instead they taught me only, how to count money.

So after the events of 9/11, how did things unfold from there? The United States turned into a police state, which lives under the constant threat ,that a president empowerd with the instrument of unitary executive may impose things like martial law at his will. The founding fathers of the United States designed the american Constitution in a way, that only the Congress and not the president has the Power of the Purse and the Power to declare War. While this principle is also valid within the framework of the Patriot Act, the instruments of unitary executive for the president, for instance to introduce martial law, still provide him with enough power, to bully the majority of the Members of Congress into agreeing to such immoral decisions of going to war or to rob their own people, which would never come to pass under normal moral circumstances without the psychological bullying. More than once the president used this tool and other very dirty methods of armtwisting and bullying to force his or rather his masters' will upon Congress, be it for his murderous Obamacare Health Insurance Program, his unconstitutional war in Lybia and Syria or the TTIP Freetrade Agreement Fast Track capability. Congress has swallowed so much of his shit, one can barely assume that its members, apart from a very few exceptions, have any balls left to decide anything crucial without being in the state subordination. This has to change and some day soon it will change, because the sorry state of the american governmental institutions will become so painstakingly obvious to the american people themselves, that they will have their own revolution some day. Let us hope, it is not going to be one of these Jacobite Color Revolutions. If there is a rule in history without exception, then it is the one that Empires always fail and go down some day, because they destroy the very basis of their own existence, true human creativity.

Does me writing this mean that I am anti-american? Far from it. I love the United States of America and especially the human-based anti-imperial principles, which it was originally founded on. What I do not like is the utterly careless way in which the american people keep forgetting about these principles themselves, basically wiping their behinds with the constitution and the principles that it entails. The most anti-american people today are the americans themselves, because they do seem to forget, that their country was not founded to be an Empire of Hegemony, but rather as a nation state republic that was breaking free from the principles forced upon them by the British Empire at the time, promoting the principles of national progress not by means of war but by means of cooperative economic development. A lack of historical awareness and the manipulative methods of the British Empire, which entail lying, zeussian immorality, the assination of morally intact presidents and the infesting of american institutions with anti-human ideologies of free-trade and false environmentalism, have led to a catastrophic cultural and moral condition of the american people. These type of things which are not physically graspable and which are mostly denounced as so called conspiracy theories today, let the american people slide into a deep cultural depression, of which most of them are not even aware themselves. Most of them live their lives under the impression that they are the good people, going to work everyday, giving their best for the stock market value of their companies, only caring about political issues, which directly affect their own lifes and maybe those of their family members without having the educational meat and the historical background to challenge the immoral claims of US-american hegemony today. Many of them prefer to live a life like animals today, which indeed entails one type of freedom, … the freedom from thinking and from moral decision making. Under these conditions, what else can the US-american Independence Day mean today than being a faint day of remembrance of a great time long since gone, which is heeded with barbeques in the backgardens enjoying a very limited animal freedom of taking a break from the daily animal thought-free life.

But not only from the perspective of the cultural state of the Unites States itself the Independence Day is a rather sad resemblance of a once great Idea. I remember back at the time, when the eastgerman people became angry and into an uproar, when they started to recognize the ill-faithed principles, which were keeping the German Democratic Republic together, when they started to fight for their freedom, they often cited a famous phrase from Rosa Luxemburg: "Freedom is also always the freedom of the other." With this they wanted to express their utter desire to have freedom of speech and the freedom to express an opinion being different from the one promoted by the Regime and freedom to travel where they want. Phrases like this one gave them strength and the real conviction, that they were morally doing the right thing. And it was indeed a great chance, … which later turned out to have been wasted.

Now today, in the case of the US-Hegemony this denial of freedom does not come in the category of a regime's supression of freedom of speech, the freedom of travel or likewise the freedom of expression. At least not in an obvious form. Apart from their own mental limitations like the acceptance of the concept of "political correctness" american people may mostly express, what they wish and people may go almost everywhere they want, at least legally, but they rarely do, because their scope of thinking is extremely limited. Today, even more than in the past century, the suppression is working from the top down in the ontological and psychological chain of the shaping of governing ideas, doctrins and ideologies in people's minds. If the collective mind of a whole people like the Unites States is completely divorced from moral, historical and physical principles due to massive Manipulation by Media-Propaganda, the re-writing of past history by oligarchically controlled Institutions and the openly practiced bullying by arrogant puppet-polticians and governing bodies, who are also largely controlled by these same oligarchical influences, and the fostered ignorance of ist people, then this will sooner or later lead to a severe depression, where people either accept their animal state of existence and slip into a the state of Fascism or the social pressure becomes so imminent, that a faction of the controlling oligarchy becomes aware that the situation also leads to their own demise and destruction and hence allows the emerging of a moral leadership.

The american rethoric and activitiy of bringing democratic freedom to other countries strangely applies only to those countries, which the USA has a strategic interest in. Gun-Boat diplomacy and open military and secret interventionism against the rules and conventions of the United Nations, who today impotently lets these things happen are the means to bring "independence" to those people who are ostensibly suppressed by their own governments. Best examples of this are Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and today Ukraine, Moldova and Macedonia. If we had no Double-Standards in the World today, every United Nations Country in the World, should actually impose economic anc poltical sanctions on the United States. But they don't do that, because we are not living in a multi-polar world system of equal rights, but in a world of Hegemony, where there is one hegemon and a few Vasalles and all others are sub-ordinated. It is clear and logic that this state of world affairs will not stay like this for ever.

If we take a close look at those countries, where the US actively intervened, then it becomes painstakingly obvious that this rethoric of the United States bringing Freedom and Democracy is at best a very sarcastic double-speak and in itself an utter failure, when looking from the perspective of the peoples of these targeted coutries. In Afghanistan the yields of Poppy-Crop have more than doubled since the US-british intervention and slowly this coutry is sliding back into the Hands of the Taliban. In Iraq, the military intervention, which was based on a blatant lie, did not lead to freedom, peace and democracy, as it was promised by the main-interventionist, the United States of America. Today, this country is even more entangled in War and Chaos, because the in-human military intervention of the US gave rise to even more radical groups and sparked enough hatred and despair, that clearly build the basis of ISIS, which operates on the basis of a very radical sunni version of Islam called Wahabism. In Lybia, where Gaddhafi reigned, a dictator who was courted and lobbied by almost all governments in Europe and the United States, because he witheld refugees coming from Africa to Europe, the United States, Great Britain and France launched a special operation, which toppled Gaddhafi and left him and the remains of his governmental structures up for slaughter by a particularly well supported group of "Rebels", who subsequently gained access to tremendeous amounts of money, gold, oil and weapons. Boosted with this type of wealth, these rebels grew stronger and not coincidently, a very similar rebel uprising arose even stronger later in Syria, where well organized and equipped groups of radical sunnis were trying to topple Dictator Bashar al-Assad. But Assad was already warned by the example of Lybia and, unlike Gaddhafi, enjoyed the support of the alawite majority of the Syrian people. Furthermore, the Russian Federation re-inforced their support for Assad knowing full well, that the Overthrow of Assad would mean an uprecedented power vacuum in the Region, which would give so much power to ISIS, that the conflict would sooner or later be pushed forward to the russian borders. We remember already in 2001, when the russian President Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin addressed the German Bundestag in a much celebrated speech, he already addressed the growing danger of conscioulsy supported radical islamism and in a subtle way hinted that this american-promoted phenomenon is targeted against Russia and its interests and he encouraged Europe to rid itself from the bounds of US-american hegemony by taking a human and constructive role in building a cooperative world including the people of Eurasia.

From Syria the US-promoted ISIS-Disease spread back to Iraq, which is now in a complete state of chaos. So what was the interest of the United States and its Vasall Europe in invading these coutries? Was it to improve the conditions of these people or was it to maintain and expand their spheres of influence by spreading chaos in order to harm neighboring adversary nations like Iran, Russia. Clearly, no sane person can doubt the latter, looking at the horrible conditions, which lead many people to flee their country, risking their lifes to get to Europe. It must have been a lot of Stupidity involved on the side French President Hollande, and perhaps a tremendous amount of bullying by President Barack Obama, that Europe parttook in this inhumane war in Lybia, where it was clear from the beginning that the people would suffer and would flee to Europe, posing tremenedous challenges to European Society. So, who benefited from all these interventions? The afghan people? The lybian people? The syrian people? The iraqi people? The ukranian people? Are these people more independent now than they have been before. In a sense that may be the case, but to most it seems, that they just exchanged one dictator with another. All these people don't have the feeling of being the factor that determines the future of their own country. They all fell victim to US-american geo-politics, who often even brought them those very dictators, which they suffered under before.

So I ask all Americans, who celebrate their independence day with some sense of naive dignity and pride. What are you doing that other nations rights to enjoy these same privileges is respected an enhanced? The key to this achievement and change is lying in your own country and celebrating an independence day, the principles of which have nothing to do anymore with the imperial hegemonic stance, which the USA has taken since its decline started in the 1970ies, is in my eyes an expression of utter decadence, unless it happens with the full awareness that something serious has to change in the american cultural paradigm.

May morality and curiosity be your guiding friends.


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