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Interview with Russel Bentley, an american Volunteer in the Donbass Militia

von Thomas Trautzsch

Russell Bentley - A Texan in Donbass
Russell Bentley - A Texan in Donbass
Its been some months now since I follow the blogs and videos from Russell Bentley and I must say that I am most impressed by the dedication of this Texan, who followed his inner voice of morality and took on the journey to the Donbass, full well knowing that this step would most likely mean a journey without return.

When the war broke out in Donbass, and when the majority of the people of russian ethnicity in Donbass were declared Terrorists and Separatists just because they kept on defending their right of self-determination in the face of a rising power grab and aggression by american and european-sponsored fascism in Kiev, I had the same sentiments and inside myself I was also thinking that I should go to Donbass and help. I did not do it though, partly due to the obligations I have for my kid and family and admittedly also partly due to a sad portion of convenience, in which that well paying job of mine certainly played a role. I know that I should be ashamed of that, and I am, but that situation of mine is probably indicative for the majority of Germans and Europeans alike, who are not willing to make sacrifices for the principles which they stand for and who enjoy a relative prosperity, which has historically built, but which also more and more loses its foundation due to the continued degradation of our financial system. People like me, who have a guilty conscience because they struggle to directly act against this immediate threat are trying to ease it by donating money, or by spreading the word about the situation in the Donbass to counter the silence in our European media about the crimes that are being committed in the name of Ukrainian Nationalism and also right out fascism. Just waiting for the day, when the social pressure becomes so immense that direct acting becomes necessary, is an illusion because the inert mind seems continuously adapting to new thresholds accepting ever growing number of war crimes by our own culture against other cultures. The time to act should always be now and figures like Russell Bentley are important role models in that aspect, since they put it right in front of our eyes, what a decent human being should do in these kind of times.

Please keep doing what you are doing Russell, you will inspire more people to act, … sooner or later.

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