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One (no two) times Thank You from Lugansk!

by Thomas Trauzsch 26.10.2018

A Thank You Message from Lugansk!
In the last couple of days two videos with Thank-You messages from Boris Drigoda, the head of the humanitarian partner organisation "Boomarang of Goodness" and from Dr. Svetlana Bogdanova, the Chief-Doctor at the hospital in Stahanov reached us here at Zukunft Donbass e.V. The Chiller-Unit for the already delivered Magneto-Resonance-Tomographic Machine now reached its final destination and is now being installed within the framework of the necessary reconstruction work in the hospital of Stahanov. Most helpers of Zukunft Donbass e.V. from Germany are mentioned. Both videos currently only have german subtitles. (English ones likely soon to come). 
A big Thank You goes also to all people and institutions in Germany, without whom and their donations this humanitarian aid delivery would not have been possible. The aid activities continue uninterrupted due to the situation at the frontlines not really improving. 
  • Humanitarian Aid Truck #18 from Thuringia - - At September 19th-20th 2018 a truck with inkind donations was loaded in Döhlen and Jena and sent to Luhansk. Yet, many of the inkind donations could not be shipped yet due to limited space on the truck. Zukunft Donbass is happy about the numerous inkind donations, but for transportation also money is needed. making a donation!
  • Action "Bread instead of Words - The action "Bread instead of Words" is about errecting a meeting place for elder people at the age of 75 and higher, where they may meet in a nice atmosphere with music, coffee and cake, and where they can chat about their daily lives. Zukunft Donbass e.V. is the sponsor of this project for one year. making a donation!
  • New Year Presents for Kids in Luhansk - Many affected kids in Luhansk shall get the opportunity to "mask out" the war for at least a moment and have some fun with small presents. Zukunft Donbass e.V. would like to assemble these presents containing sweets and small things and kindly asks for your support. making a donation!
More donation- and aid projects can be reviewed at the Donation Platform "". They are most welcome as usual. 

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