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Future Donbass - Humanitarian Aid-Truck #17 arrived in Lugansk

by Thomas Trautzsch  16.10.2018

Humanitarian Aid from Thuringia/Germany distributed in Lugansk

Another humanitarian aid truck arrives at Lugansk after 3 Weeks. The goods are distributed among needy institutions. MRT-Chiller has been delivered and is being installed.

It took a good 3 weeks until the truck, which had been loaded in Zettlitz(Saxony), Döhlen, Jena and Bad Saarow, arrived at its destination in the Donbass. The long drive from Germany to Lugansk via Poland, Belarus and Russia was riddled with organisational as well as regulatory difficulties, especially at the border crossings. Unfortunately, this detour is necessary due to the high probability of the humaniatarian freight, destined for the breakaway-republics, being confiscated by ukrainian authorities. 

The tense security situation after the assassination of the head of the DPR, as well as the upcoming elections in the 2 breakaway-republics contributed to tightly controlled and time-consuming checks at the border by the LPR authorities. The conducting of any journalistic work was equally tough because of that. On the other side, many public personalities in the West, or Germany in particular, feel uncomfortable to talk about humanitarian aid for the Donbass Republics in the East of Ukraine, let alone about their support for them, since it is not politically opportune to do so at the moment. So it happened for example that a journalist of the saxonian newspaper "Freie Presse" (Free Press), who originally was supportive to the activities of the organization of Zukunft Donbass e.V., withdrew from doing an interview at the location, where the truck was loaded, with the reasoning that she was not able to do so, when RT-Reporters would be present at the same time. This is rather unfortunate and represents a really strange interpretation of the press freedom in our country, which is even more bizarre considering the name of the newspaper this journalist is from. RT has reported about this incidence in an Online-Article. In the video, which this article contains, Dr. Raissa Steinigk, the main organizing force at "Zukunft Donbass e.V.", conducts her own type of "temoignage" and the situation is rather well described. 

On the other hand, filming and taking pictures was prohibited on many occasions in the Donbass Republics due to the tense instable political situation, which made it really hard to document the aid work of Zukunft Donbass e.V. and its partner organisation in Lugansk "Bumerang der Güte" (Boomerang of Benevolence). So it will most likely take some time until we see some new video footage and hence have to stick to older material for the time being. 

The Chiller-Device for the donated MRT-Machine was delivered with this transport and will be installed in the very near term in a hospital in Stahanov. For the many local volunteers, helping hands and the hospital staff this is something like a significant historical event and presumably, the completion of the installation will be celebrated appropiately. 

Today, some pictures arrived from Lugansk, showing the joy, particularly of the elder people, who received these important goods like wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches and furnishing. 

Many of the people on these picture are also beneficiaries af the activity "Bread instead of Words", for which the organisation "Zukunft Donbass e.V." took on the sponsorship for this year. 
All these activities would not have been possible without the goodhearted donors and helpers. A big special Thank You from Zukunft Donbass e.V. goes to all the people who contributed in one way or the other. 

The aid activity "Bread instead of Words", in which elder people are to be facilitated with a pleasant and cared-for meeting location, is still in the works. The necessary budget, which is entirely financed from donations, has not been fully met yet. Hence, donations for this particular project continue top be most welcome. Donations are gladly received at the platform  


Of course, the Aid Work does not stop. The next truck load with humanitarian aid goods from Thuringia and Saxony is already scheduled for November. Helping hands are still needed for the truck loading. Whoever lives nearby and has a few hours spare to help, is most welcome. Information about the time and location of the next truck loading can be obtained from the website

Kind Regards

T. Trautzsch


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